Fashion Party – Behind the Scenes

Getting my makeup done by Ruth

On 2.2.11 I hosted Engie Hassan’s, CEO of EngieStyle, web launch and 1 year anniversary celebration. It was a bit nerve-racking getting on a 4 foot wooden box in 6 inch Jimmy Choo’s to deliver my speech, but I made it. The celebration was a huge success with a room full of  heavy hitters in the fashion and celebrity industry.  We sat high above the city at the Hudson Terrace in their rooftop glass cabana. Engie did an amazing job as did her team, Iman, Sam, Emily, Steph, Ash and Steven. On my side I had the fabulous and lovely Megan Toscano, who is a major asset to anyones life. I’m super proud of Engie and everything she has accomplished and was honored to be a part of the celebration.

We had the joy of wearing Dominique Auxilly’s beautiful gowns. One of the most popular questions of the night was “Who are you wearing?” Her dresses are a smash hit whether its on the red carpet or covering the pages of fashion magazines.

The press photos & tv interviews are out and about (you can see one here), below are some point-n-shoot photos & a home-movie. Photographed/Filmed by Megan Toscano.

Makeup and Hair: Christopher Ritchey, Alicia Oliveri, Jessi Butterfield , Ruth Fernandez, Donald Francis

in the elevator at the Hudson Terrace


step & repeat

gettin my hair did

Jessica, Daryana, Me, Engie

tv interview

Niia (one of my fav singers and clients) and myself

me being interviewed on tv again and Engie waiting for her interview

Group Photo & GQ photo: by Natsuko Matsumura | Above: Engie during the run through


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  1. looks like such fun! Love the red dress your wearing.


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