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The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Trilogy, Phantom

A few months ago I shot the next trilogy for The Vampire Diaries; The Hunters.

Volume 1: Phantom has been released and you can find it on shelves now. I always love the great privilege of working for the fabulous folks over at HarperCollins and my wonderful team.

Client: HarperCollins Publishers Art Director: Becky Terhune Graphic Design:Tom Forget Makeup and Hair: Michelle Coursey Production: Megan Toscano, Production Intern: Marquez Vargas Photo Assistants: Eric & JJ


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My cover with Vera Farmiga

I was very excited to shoot the lovely Vera Farmiga for the cover of this weeks Village Voice. Vera just had her directorial debut, Higher Ground,  in NYC last week with & met with rave reviews. Our shoot was a calorie burning photo sprint from 11:45am – 12pm, the energy was upbeat and we had a great time. Vera is the embodiment of loveliness & it was a privilege to photograph her. John Dixon, Art Director extraordinaire, wanted to do some tight cropped headshots for the cover, so we played around with light patterns, selective focus and angles in about 7 minutes before moving on to the next environment. John and the Village Voice are always incredible to work with and I really love shooting for them.

Read the interview with Vera here.

View the rest of the finals here .

Below are some behind the shots of our quick shoot.

1st asst Eric. 2nd Asst: Michael. Behind the Scenes photos: Celeste Slomon.

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My shoot with Miasha

Ashley, Engie, Miasha, Carrie, Matt, Joel, Matt, Eddie (not pictured)

Recently I shot upcoming singing & dance diva-sensation Miasha. What can I say about Miasha other than POWERHOUSE. This girl is a total doll, strong, sweet, passionate, talented and the energy and perseverance to see her way to the top.

Although I missed the private prelim show of hers..I hear her live shows are something to write home about – video mind explosions with heart pumping beats.

Check her music out at:

Its official

Lotsa love to her managers Greenhouse Management (Matt V. & Eddie)

Hair/mua: Joel Marriot, Styling: Engie Style, 1st asst Matt M. (miss ya buddy..hope Ohio is treating you well)

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Fashion Party – Behind the Scenes

Getting my makeup done by Ruth

On 2.2.11 I hosted Engie Hassan’s, CEO of EngieStyle, web launch and 1 year anniversary celebration. It was a bit nerve-racking getting on a 4 foot wooden box in 6 inch Jimmy Choo’s to deliver my speech, but I made it. The celebration was a huge success with a room full of  heavy hitters in the fashion and celebrity industry.  We sat high above the city at the Hudson Terrace in their rooftop glass cabana. Engie did an amazing job as did her team, Iman, Sam, Emily, Steph, Ash and Steven. On my side I had the fabulous and lovely Megan Toscano, who is a major asset to anyones life. I’m super proud of Engie and everything she has accomplished and was honored to be a part of the celebration.

We had the joy of wearing Dominique Auxilly’s beautiful gowns. One of the most popular questions of the night was “Who are you wearing?” Her dresses are a smash hit whether its on the red carpet or covering the pages of fashion magazines.

The press photos & tv interviews are out and about (you can see one here), below are some point-n-shoot photos & a home-movie. Photographed/Filmed by Megan Toscano.

Makeup and Hair: Christopher Ritchey, Alicia Oliveri, Jessi Butterfield , Ruth Fernandez, Donald Francis

in the elevator at the Hudson Terrace


step & repeat

gettin my hair did

Jessica, Daryana, Me, Engie

tv interview

Niia (one of my fav singers and clients) and myself

me being interviewed on tv again and Engie waiting for her interview

Group Photo & GQ photo: by Natsuko Matsumura | Above: Engie during the run through

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Behind the Scenes with Belle and Sebastian

A few weeks ago I got the call from the SF Weekly about a opportunity for a cover shoot & feature spread for the beloved indie band from Glasgow, Belle & Sebastian.

I had the incredible art direction of Andrew Nilsen, a visual risk taker & creative genius, who had a plethora of strong concepts for the cover. Unable to fly to NY for the shoot he sent me Brit Cochran, stylist & makeup artist extraordinaire. Her attention to detail and smile turned the grey day into pure sunshine. By my side was Mike M. my fabulous 1st asst.

in blue Belle & Sebastian | brunette = me | blond = Brit

We had the band for 1 hour, they decided as the hour was almost up to be late to their sound check for their evening outdoor Williamsburg concert  and we got some extra time on the last setup (thank you B&S). The SF Weekly cover was especially meaningful to Stuart as he expresses in his SF interview, plus all of them were pumped on Andrew’s concept for the cover.

Due to the time crunch we had to pin them 2 by 2 into their ‘blue waves representing the San Francisco bay’. They had to stay pinned to together for a bit, so they shuffled around the studios with their partner, laughing and joking with each other, it was a riot to watch.  I completely loved them. It was an amazing shoot, my life is richer for it. Thanks Andrew, Brit, Mike and of course Belle & Sebastian!!

Check out the slide show of the behind the scenes here.

My portfolio here…

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Niia…..behind the scenes

carrie schechter niia bertino

me, niia

I photographed the girl with the magic voice a little while ago…. her name is Niia Bertino. (Check out some of the finals shots here.) She is a classically trained pianist with one of the most intoxicating voices I’ve heard in a while. I’m in love with “Masochist” and “Learn My Body” at the moment.

carrie schechter niia bertino

From age 16-21 Niia was signed to Wyclef Jeans label. I recognized her voice from  Wyclef’s smash, Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) featuring Akon, Lil Wayne, Raekwon & Niia.

carrie schechter niia bertino

michelle, niia, gigi, & myself. photo by eric

I met Niia at her old managers office to discuss shooting her press kit … I loved her as much as I love her music. Niia knew exactly how she wanted to be photographed, which was awesome.

Before the shoot I went to see her live. The audience hardly breaths while she sings, which almost led to a riot when the bartender dared try to shake a martini for a customer during “Last Man”.

carrie schechter niia bertino

On set: The fabulous designer and stylist  Gigi Burris,  the talented hair and makeup artist Michelle Coursey , myself, and my 1st Eric B. convened at Niia’s residence with Rocco & Wednesday on a beastly hot summer afternoon. Now working on her solo career, Niia is recording her new album and I personally can’t wait.

carrie schechter niia bertinocarrie schechter niia bertino

In loving memory of Rocco Bertino. Huge thanks to the wonderful Cory Greenwell for the behind the scenes photos!!

carrie schechter niia bertino


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My Abano Terme Cosmetics Ad’s Are Out

Here is the ad’s I did for Abano Terme Cosmetics (you can also read their blog here) in Abano Terme, Italy. There’s even some of my product photography I did for the ad.  Due to the time of the day, the water was naturally green in color, but generally it is the beautiful blue color above, in Photoshop we matched the color to its usual tint, I prefer the green, I have those on my site. My amazing client, CEO Junio Lamannis, gave me the ok to put up which ever image I wanted to since we like them both. (thank you Junio!)

I love what these products do for the skin, our beautiful model Elena had been using (and still is) the products on her skin for months before the shoot, so this ad is a true testament to how incredibly healing and nourishing Abano Terme Cosmetics is.

The people who own & work for the company are unbelievably genuine, I felt like family while I was there, they kept me laughing, fed, and gave me a wonderful few days in a glorious spa right outside of Venice, Italy. I love them.

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