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Previet! Here are some behind the scenes fun at my solo exhibition in Moscow Russia at the infamous Club Manon and Gallery N.  The show was organized by the wonderful Ministerio Della Belleza, an organization dedicated to beauty and the arts located in Venice, Italy. Their slogan is”La Bellezza e La Dove non Si Attende.” They had found me about a year ago, and we’ve been in talks off an on throughout the year, when May hit….ka-blam….we were a-go for Moscow and everything moved very rapidly. One of the founders, Luigi, (who does not like to be photographed, so he will remain a mystery to you visually), has an incredible vision and understanding of beauty and fashion, he helped put my images up in a way that sang the perfect song, he is an incredible inspiration. This is a 120 piece exhibition of my work called “Walking In Beauty”, the private view that occurred days earlier was guest list only, and was called “Peeping the Beauty”. I had a such a wonderful time, it was quit the roller coaster of adventures. Below I included some pictures and the press release. Also, one of my TV interviews that appeared in Moscow is at the top of the page. At the way  bottom of the page is the smorgasbord of photos from both events in Moscow, mixed in with live video of the show before the opened.

left:a rare moment when not running in around in Moscow to stop for a photo at the Kremlin. right: 2 hours before my flight leaves for NYC, George and David take me on a night ride through Msocow

LEFT: a rare moment when not running in around (or..stuck in traffic) in Moscow to stop for a photo at the Kremlin. A few hours after filming the interview shown above. RIGHT: its 4am, 2 hours before my flight leaves for NYC, after the opening at Gallery N, a concert in a club, followed by a quick drink and bite at the GQ Lounge, George and David take me on a night ride through Moscow leaving me 20 minutes to pack and dash to get to the airport.(Just the way I like it)

The gentleman; Luigi, Junio, David, Gigga, Andre and George and the Ladies; Ania, Irina, Lena & Nosova are incredible people. I was welcomed like I was family and I was treated like a star. It felt like I was reuniting with my family and best friends when I met them, and my life is fuller know that they are in it. I count my blessings every day, and am honored and thrilled that the Ministerio Della Belleza chose me to be one of the photographers that they support and give me the opportunity to travel the world and share my work and my spirit with people I might not have gotten the chance to meet. They are visionaries and artists, they bring beauty to this world. Club Manon went out of their way to make sure everything was the way we wanted it and had shots of Vodka (with pickles for chasers – if you’ve been to Russia you know of this pickle/olive or Salmon chaser thing they do) ready for me while we set the show up (I might have had a few stressful moment.) Gallery N had tea waiting for me at every turn, and kept the gallery open for us till the sun came up the night before the show to make sure everything was perfect. Hanging 120 pieces takes time. Thank you Moscow!!!! Thank you Ministerio Della Belleza!! Thank you Club Manon!! Thank you Gallery N!!! Thank you Fredrico for playing such beautiful music for me at the private view!! I love you all so much!!

pre-opening for the Private View, my images line the walls.

Pre-opening for the Private View, my images line the walls.

Private View Club Manon

Private View Club Manon. Pictured Left to Right: Me, Irina & friend.


Photographer Carrie Schechter solo exhibition in Moscow Russia

July 20, 2009  – Moscow, Russia. American fashion, celebrity and music photographer Carrie Schechter was brought to Moscow for a 120 piece solo exhibition of her work entitled, Walking in Beauty. The Ministerio della Belleza, organizer and one of the sponsors, threw a magnificent celebration for Carrie’s work at the famous and elite Moscow hot spot, Club Manon, for a private view on June 11, 2009. The night called “Peeping the Beauty – Carrie Schechter” was star studded, with editors from Russian fashion and celebrity magazines such as Cosmo and GQ, music producers, pop stars, Olympic gold medalists, athletes, artists, bankers, and models. Ministerio Della Belleza flew Fredrico Zecchin and his band to Russia from Italy to play incredible music throughout the night for Carrie’s party. Carrie’s work will be on display in Club Mon this July, as well as LUCH/Electrosvet, and many other night spots and clubs in Moscow TBA.

During her time in Russia, Carrie did television interviews on Russia’s cultural channels and morning shows. The people of Moscow took a huge interest in Carrie’s imagery and Carrie herself. The concepts and stories behind her work caused quite a stir in the Russian art world. Fans found her work erotic, beautiful and powerful. She has received write-ups in Moscow’s OK, Time-Out and others.

My write-up in Moscow's OK! Magazine

My write-up in Moscow's OK! Magazine

The main gallery show opened two nights later on June 13, 2009 at Gallery N also known as the Gallery of Skill, located on Beskudnikovskij Bulvar, 6-4. Here Carrie displayed 120 pieces of her work throughout the entire gallery in 5 rooms and 3 hallways.  Beauty, fashion, music, and celebrity separated each room.

the floor plan of my 120 piece show at Gallery N

the floor plan of my 120 piece show at Gallery N

Moscow gave Carrie a very warm welcome, showing a great deal of interest in her photographs and in her as an artist. The people of Moscow said they are anxious for her to return to photograph the city, their models, musicians and celebrities.

The show is such a success that Minesterio Della Belleza is hosting another solo exhibition of Carrie’s work in Venice, Italy this September during the Venice Film Festival. This shows also will be entitled Walking In Beauty – Carrie Schechter The main gallery of her work will be held at the Hotel Bauer Palladio.

Her video footage from one of her interviews is broken into two parts:

You can see some rough footage of the gallery installation here:

She has displayed images from the trip here:

About Carrie Schechter: Carrie Schechter is a fashion, music and celebrity photographer living in New York City. A graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography (where she received the still photography Award of Excellence) and a former student of the School of Visual Arts, her career sky-rocketed before graduation in 2006.  She began shooting international advertising campaigns and upcoming celebrities. In her last year at Brooks, Epson, Calumet and Microsoft named her one of the “Top 6 Emerging Pros of the Future” and she has not let them down. Carrie’s work has appeared in magazines, ad campaigns and album covers. She has won numerous international awards for her imagery and her technically outstanding use of light, mood and texture. Her work is described as haunting, beautiful and hyper-realistic. Some of her clients and subjects include: Universal Motown Records, Interscope Records, AP Magazine, Billboard Magazine, HarperCollins Publishers, Leslie Bibb, Alexis Dziena, Zoe Kazan, All-American Rejects, NOFX, Tina Parol, Taking Back Sunday and many others. She continues to be recognized world wide with articles written about her everywhere from Singapore to America. Her free-spirited nature rubs off on her talent and her clients and she has a special way of getting people to let go of their inhibitions to create very conceptual work that has a strong impact on the viewer. Constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with her imagery, her work is provocative with a style that is her own.


Carrie Schechter

Carrie Schechter Studios

T: 718.864.2106



For material & information about Carrie’s upcoming exhibition,

Walking in Beauty:



My party and private view - "Peeping the Beauty" Club Manon

My party and private view - "Peeping the Beauty" Club Manon - a few photos are taken by Anya Hook.

Gallery N  - my main show  "Walking In Beauty"

Gallery N - my main show "Walking In Beauty"


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