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Top Covers for 2010

Well its been quite a crazy year, I’ve gotten to shoot some of the most beautiful & gold hearted people, and work for clients that keep those creative juices boiling.

I’ve been a bit slow at keeping up with all the incredible work I’ve done this year on the blog, there’s been so much shooting going on I haven’t gotten a chance to celebrate it all at the end of 2010 yet…but it will come soon. On Jan 3rd I shoot my first mag cover of the new year (best way to start off 2011) and I can’t stop feeling overwhelming gratefulness for everything and everyone that’s been a part of my life so far and excited for all the people I have yet to meet.

This post though is about my 2 covers for the Village Voice that made the TOP 10 2010 COVERS. My Jersey Shore, The Guido Ideal cover was voted #10 best Cover by the Village Voice by one of my favorite Art Director’s John Dixon. It’s his intelligence coupled with humor and out of the box thinking that keeps the Voice covers topping each issue after issue.

Voted #1 Voice cover was my cover of Debrahlee Lorenzana, the Citibank banker fired for being too sexy.

Thanks John & thank you Village Voice, it was the best cherry anyone could have put on my vegan ice cream sundae for 2010.

Also The Jersey Shore was voted 13th most popular story of 2010, & Debbie the Banker came in at #1!!!

Congrats to the writers that brought the story to light and to life, Elizabeth Dwoskin and Tony Philip!

Also on the NEW YORK TIMES most talked about stories, Debbie the Banker came in at #15!

I have an incredible team, its takes a community to produce a hot shot, so on these 2 covers special shout out to Margina Dennis, Angelique Vasquez, Jessica Zindren, Eric B., Mike M., & Ross T. I love you guys, you always rock my world!

Happy, healthy, wealthy, lucky, adventurous, exciting, dream living, personal world domination building, over the top creative New Year to you all. 2010 went out like a rock star and 2011 is already coming in guns blazin

There are very exciting things coming in the next few months, thanks for caring and sharing and enjoying my work. So excited to share it when I can (including another stint in front of the camera in Feb.)

Onward and upward in 2011!


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My Cover For The Village Voice, Jersey Style

My latest cover for the Village Voice. This is my 2nd cover for the Voice, and I absolutely love working for them, everyone I’ve met and had the privilege to work for is incredible. Final images of the male cast members of MTV’s  The Jersey Shore are on my site or on the Voice’s website (link above)

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Behind The Scenes: My Cover Shoot with The Jersey Shore Boys

Mike, me, Vinny, Ronnie

I had the pleasure of shooting three of the guys from MTV’s #1 show, The Jersey Shore last week. The images are being featured on the cover of today’s new issue of The Village Voice; Art director, the one and only John Dixon.

On our 4-5 hour tour we had Ronnie Magro, Vinny Guadagnino and Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino. The boys were total pros on set; light-hearted, hysterical, and total gentlemen. We all had a lot of fun! John decided to go simple, bright, and shoot them being themselves(which was the exactly where my brain was, so I was very happy to take the job). Though we were in a very industrial part of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, far away from the public and paparazzi, within 1 minute of The Situation going out to smoke a cigarette, young girls in sexy clothes materialized out of thin air. It was pretty comical. All I can say is a few of us still have an odd urge to go tanning…

I wish the cast a unbelievable amount of success, they deserve it.

I had a great team on set, credits below. Also a special shout out to Emily  Yeomans from MTV. Thank you guys!


Photographer: Carrie Schechter | Client: The Village Voice | Art Director: John Dixon | Groomer: Angelique Velez | Stylist: Jessica Zindrin | 1st Asst: Mike M | 2nd Asst: Ross T


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My cover for the Village Voice

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting the cover for the Village Voice. I am a native New Yorker and I grew up on the Voice, so I loved being asked to shoot the cover. I shot the lovely Debrahlee Lorenzana, “Is this woman too hot to work in a bank?” about her lawsuit with Citibank.

I had superior art direction from Art director John Dixon, who was absolutely amazing to work for.

The story has gone international and has been a hot topic since the paper was released. You can also see the photos on news channels, The View, papers from Madrid to London, 11 o’clock news programs, etc. Its been quiet a frenzy and luckily I have an incredible team of angels by my side. They are production team Monique and Casey of KWC Productions and I couldn’t be more grateful.

You can read the story live:

Photographer: Carrie Schechter | Art Direction: John Dixon | Make up and Hair: Margina Dennis | Production: | Location: Brooklyn | 1st Asst Eric B.

my official site


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Michelle in her Lingerie…

carrie schechter

Recently I shot lovely actress, model and television hostess Michelle Davies. Michelle wanted to do something sexy for her new press run and book. When she got to the studio she told me she wanted to do all lingerie instead of half and half and we went for it. I love working with Michelle, she’s funny, she pushes herself, she understands how to use her body in front of the lens, and she’s unbelievably charming.

Here’s a bleached out 600 Polaroid (Below) and one of the finals (Above).

Images to be released soon here….


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