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My shoot with Miasha

Ashley, Engie, Miasha, Carrie, Matt, Joel, Matt, Eddie (not pictured)

Recently I shot upcoming singing & dance diva-sensation Miasha. What can I say about Miasha other than POWERHOUSE. This girl is a total doll, strong, sweet, passionate, talented and the energy and perseverance to see her way to the top.

Although I missed the private prelim show of hers..I hear her live shows are something to write home about – video mind explosions with heart pumping beats.

Check her music out at:

Its official

Lotsa love to her managers Greenhouse Management (Matt V. & Eddie)

Hair/mua: Joel Marriot, Styling: Engie Style, 1st asst Matt M. (miss ya buddy..hope Ohio is treating you well)


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Niia…..behind the scenes

carrie schechter niia bertino

me, niia

I photographed the girl with the magic voice a little while ago…. her name is Niia Bertino. (Check out some of the finals shots here.) She is a classically trained pianist with one of the most intoxicating voices I’ve heard in a while. I’m in love with “Masochist” and “Learn My Body” at the moment.

carrie schechter niia bertino

From age 16-21 Niia was signed to Wyclef Jeans label. I recognized her voice from  Wyclef’s smash, Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) featuring Akon, Lil Wayne, Raekwon & Niia.

carrie schechter niia bertino

michelle, niia, gigi, & myself. photo by eric

I met Niia at her old managers office to discuss shooting her press kit … I loved her as much as I love her music. Niia knew exactly how she wanted to be photographed, which was awesome.

Before the shoot I went to see her live. The audience hardly breaths while she sings, which almost led to a riot when the bartender dared try to shake a martini for a customer during “Last Man”.

carrie schechter niia bertino

On set: The fabulous designer and stylist  Gigi Burris,  the talented hair and makeup artist Michelle Coursey , myself, and my 1st Eric B. convened at Niia’s residence with Rocco & Wednesday on a beastly hot summer afternoon. Now working on her solo career, Niia is recording her new album and I personally can’t wait.

carrie schechter niia bertinocarrie schechter niia bertino

In loving memory of Rocco Bertino. Huge thanks to the wonderful Cory Greenwell for the behind the scenes photos!!

carrie schechter niia bertino


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Lights in Lost Skies

Here are the finished Lights In Lost Skies photos from our photoshoot.


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Tina Parol

Here are some of my photographs from round one with Tina Parol from Universal Motown Records.

 I shot her new single cover (below) & you can see the rest of them everywhere including her new t-shirts and other merch. Round two of our shoot (not pictured here) was finished last night and passed to her label this morning, as soon as I have permission to show them and what they are for – I surely will.

Tina is amazing – her voice.. her spirit .. her everything. I am so excited to watch her career skyrocket to super stardom. Her song writing is inspirational and gets your booty shaking, her music is addictive as is her personality; she’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s down to earth, she’s fierce and shes going to be the next hot thing. 

Check out behind the scenes and more info about our shoot here.

Check out Tina’s myspace here.

Check me out here.

**I have stopped updating my website with new work since my new and amazing website is almost complete, and everything is sized differently (thank you Bo!!!) Can’t wait to show all the new work & launch the new site.

carrie schechter tina parolcarrie schechter tina paroltina parol carrie schechtercarrie schechter tina paroltina parol carrie schechtercarrie schechter tina parolcarrie schechter tina parol


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Cubic Zirconia Raises The Roof


Carrie, Tiombe, Todd, Nick and Myself at the end of the shoot

Carrie (Nick's Girl), Tiombe, Todd, Nick and Myself at the end of the shoot

Take one guitarist from Glassjaw with a vision for a band called Men, Women & Children…take the beat-making pizza delivery guy that used to deliver to the Glassjaw’s tour bus in St Louis – invite him to join the journey of Men, Women & Children..get wild, get famous…. now, add one sassy, vivacious, beautiful solo artist..mix in a smoke filled, dazey nightclub/sake bar on the lower east side.. and you get CUBIC ZIRCONIA.

Todd Weinstock, Nick Hook & Tiombe Lockheart.

Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia Carrie Schechter










Announcing their departure from M, W, & C last week, Nick and Todd go full throttle on the CZ project. Planning a HUGE release in Europe in a few weeks, this crew is experienced, talented and hungry to add something new into the music scene. Be prepared for an altered state of consciousness, and a gentle ride coming down from a night of siren pitched highs.

Tiombe is already equipped with a successful solo career, as Nick and Todd serve to be a hot commodity on the DJ scene here in NYC, around Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. Nick is also a member of SPORTS, a DJ collective I shot awhile back. 

Cubic Zirconia

The day was chilly, the vibe was positive, the beats were pump’n, Nick busted out his Louis Vuitton suits & shoes, Todd busted out his plaids and trenches, and Tiombe just busted out. 


Check out their myspace here.


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Roll the Tanks roll into the studio

I received an e-mail from Roll The Tanks PR group – Mutiny – about the label needing some shots of them while there where visiting NY for this years CMJ. The record label, Intelligent Noise would be here for their show at the Knitting Factory and I was super excited see them live. Before I met the guys, I went and listened to their music & I LOVED it, my favorite song is Police Me – its just as amazing live as it is on the album.

These guys are hilarious. They are total pranksters, and while we were shooting one story stuck out in my head (I hope I repeat this right..) Roll The Tanks lives together in LA, and one of them went away for a few days, the guys got together (with some female help) and the sewed all their band mates clothes together…ALL of his clothes. I died laughing, I wish I was there to see him pick up his sweathshirt and have all the clothes on the floor and the closet come with it

roll the tanks

When I got to go see them live, I couldn’t even get close to the stage – it was wall to wall fans, and it was packed! RTT is already getting write ups in magazines, opening for amazing bands, and I give them a year or less before they will be on covers everywhere. There new album Suffer City is already receiving huge praise from the masses on itunes and on blog reviews.

I had such a great time with these guys! Final shots coming soon!

Roll the Tanks MYSPACE.

Carrie Schechter Studios 

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