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Avian – Press Kit Shoot


On a wildly rainy day we took off to Long Island to shoot upcoming singer AVIAN on location for her new EP covers and press kit. She is a spitfire, with incredible energy and is absolutely charming. I am still blown away by her huge voice coming out of such a tiny body. Her manager, Jdot is deep in the hip hop community,and already has her cutting tracks with 50cent + some upcoming special releases coming out soon. You can catch Avian on next seasons “The Voice” too, check her out! Also, thanks to my crew, you guys always blow my mind.

You can more finals on my site

avian carrie schechteravian carrie schechteravian carrie schechteravian carrie schechter


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Niia…..behind the scenes

carrie schechter niia bertino

me, niia

I photographed the girl with the magic voice a little while ago…. her name is Niia Bertino. (Check out some of the finals shots here.) She is a classically trained pianist with one of the most intoxicating voices I’ve heard in a while. I’m in love with “Masochist” and “Learn My Body” at the moment.

carrie schechter niia bertino

From age 16-21 Niia was signed to Wyclef Jeans label. I recognized her voice from  Wyclef’s smash, Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill) featuring Akon, Lil Wayne, Raekwon & Niia.

carrie schechter niia bertino

michelle, niia, gigi, & myself. photo by eric

I met Niia at her old managers office to discuss shooting her press kit … I loved her as much as I love her music. Niia knew exactly how she wanted to be photographed, which was awesome.

Before the shoot I went to see her live. The audience hardly breaths while she sings, which almost led to a riot when the bartender dared try to shake a martini for a customer during “Last Man”.

carrie schechter niia bertino

On set: The fabulous designer and stylist  Gigi Burris,  the talented hair and makeup artist Michelle Coursey , myself, and my 1st Eric B. convened at Niia’s residence with Rocco & Wednesday on a beastly hot summer afternoon. Now working on her solo career, Niia is recording her new album and I personally can’t wait.

carrie schechter niia bertinocarrie schechter niia bertino

In loving memory of Rocco Bertino. Huge thanks to the wonderful Cory Greenwell for the behind the scenes photos!!

carrie schechter niia bertino


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Lights In Lost Skies…

carrie schechter lights in lost skies

A few months ago, Lights in Lost Skies came down from their mountain top in upstate NJ for a photo shoot for their new album and press kit. (thats right there’s more to the jerz than the shore) The band consists of  Ryan on vocals and guitar, Quentin on keyboards and vocals, and Derek on drums. Samantha, one of my favorite right hand ladies in my office and I had a blast.

Lights in Lost Skies are unbelievably sweet, funny and very helpful. Derek is about 15 feet tall, and he was super helpful as we were changing sets..who needs a ladder with these guys around. We laughed the whole day, they’re total pranksters and their wasn’t a dull moment. I completely loved these guys, they know what they want in life and are also open to anything you throw at them. They have a brightness to them and can really energize a room. I can’t wait for their future!!!

Also check out my cover shoot with Quentin for his solo project.

Go check out their music and hit them up, you won’t be disappointed.



me shooting a jumping series with the boys

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Boys Like Girls – behind the scenes of our latest shoot for AP

carrie schechter boys like girls

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing pop stars Boys Like Girls for the October Issue of Alternative Press Magazine. The shoot was hysterical, I had a lot of fun, and got an enormous amount of great shots. The guys were up for anything, so we were able to play around with different set ups. Meeting them its not hard to see that BLG loves their fans & they love what they do. They are extremely passionate about their music and their message, with a great vibe, and entertaining stories.

carrie schechter boys like girls

The Boys Like Girls crew is exactly who they are, no fake airs, no bullsh*t, which is always refreshing and it makes for an amazing shoot with total freedom. They’ve been touring for a few years straight and will continue to hit the road with the release of their new album Love Drunk.

Check out their myspace and new video with Ashley Tisdale .

Here’s what they said:

Martin: Carrie makes the smallest detail larger than life. I had a blast on the shoot, even though she kept asking to see more skin. :)

Bryan: Easiest, most fun we’ve had on a photoshoot.

John: Great vibes, Good Times.

Paul: Awesome time, great vibe. Flew-by, especially considering we’re running on little sleep. Get at me :) .



boys like girls carrie schechter

the last shot of the day shot by my asst. Lauren. l-r: Paul, Martin, Me, John, Bryan

boys like girls carrie schechter


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On location with COBRA STARSHIP

carrie schechter cobra starship

me shooting Cobra Starship

Cobra Starship and I got together at a local hot spot in NYC for a fast and fabulous photo shoot for AP Magazine. Back in October, they were finishing up their time in the studio and gearing up for their Sassyback Tour with Forever the Sickest Kids (on tour now), we had a rainy afternoon to shoot 4 different setups. The band is awesome and they were all tons of fun. Their new album is coming soon…you can read all about that in December’s AP Most Anticipated Albums Issue. (I would like to thank my 1st assistant, Derrick, for pealing me off the floor of the nightclub..sticky is an understatement.)

carrie schechter carrie schechter

Cobra Starship’s (which was named by front man Gabe Saporta, taking his inspiration from a favorite pair of his vintage jeans) electric pop tunes have everyone dancing and screaming for more, they are funny, upbeat and 100% rock stars on the rise  – check them out live .. I hear they give their fans wild, high energy, offbeat shows that can’t be missed.

Cobra Starship’s myspace here.

Check out my website here.

Pictures coming soon!


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ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS….coming to the studio

ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS come to the studio this week to shoot a variety of material with me. I get the boys after finishing up opening up for 5 shows for  Bon Jovi, and getting ready for some of their own travels. We start the day shooting a feature for AP Magazine’s November Issue, followed by promotional, marketing, press, merch, etc. for Interscope Records and then adds for Olympus Recorders.

AP has a reputation for having the magic touch – every band they feature blows up into superhero status in no time. The ever popular AAR has graced not only AP’s covers but has been featured all over the map in every music mag you can think of. Some of their best known songs are  “Dirty Little Secret” and “Move Along.” These boys have a killer sound, and a new album is on its way very soon.

Interscope Records is a top notch record company, and I’m really excited to work with this incredible creative, marketing and A&R team. 

The Olympus shots will appear in Guitar Centers, international print ads and promotional material. The Olympus marketing peeps are really fun to work with.

Get ready for some amazing photos…coming soon


Check out AAR’s website here.


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