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The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Trilogy, Phantom

A few months ago I shot the next trilogy for The Vampire Diaries; The Hunters.

Volume 1: Phantom has been released and you can find it on shelves now. I always love the great privilege of working for the fabulous folks over at HarperCollins and my wonderful team.

Client: HarperCollins Publishers Art Director: Becky Terhune Graphic Design:Tom Forget Makeup and Hair: Michelle Coursey Production: Megan Toscano, Production Intern: Marquez Vargas Photo Assistants: Eric & JJ


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My shoot with Moving Mountains for AP Magazine

A bit ago I had the privilege to shoot Moving Mountains. A super talented band quickly on the rise to stardom. These guys are hysterical and the nicest people (with rock star edge of course). I absolutely loved them and am so excited for all the success coming their way. I worked with the incredible Christopher Benton at Alternative Press Magazine for this shoot. Love AP, love MM, love Chris! Thanks guys!

My official site here (with some additional photos from our day)

Check out their chunes here.   and of course the fabulous AP Mag here.



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Vampire Diaries Cover Shoot Book 2, The Return: Shadow Souls

Photographer: Carrie Schechter | Art Director: David Caplan | Designer: Jennifer Heuer | Model: Pi | Client: HarperCollins Publishers | Author L.J. Smith

The 2nd book cover I shot in the Vampire Diaries/The Return Series, hit shelves last week. I am very excited since the model that plays Damon is a friend of mine that I pulled in to the castings in hopes that the Art Director from HarperCollins, David Caplan, would cast him. David, being the genius that he is, was sold on Pi as well, and I booked him  a few days later.

I have just completed the 3rd and final book cover for the last of  The Return Series to be released either 2010 or 2011, and I believe it will be called “Vampire Diaries, The Return: Midnight.” I receive a lot of emails from the V.Diaries fan clubs and I love it all. Everyone wants to now who the 3rd cover is and my lips are sealed!!! I’m a superb secret keeper.  Judging form fans emails….I think it might end up being a little surprise who or what got the cover.

I love shooting these covers!! Getting to shoot the cover of a book series that has been around since I was little, has been a favorite of so many people, and now a high rated TV show on the WB is an honor and a privilege and I am extraordinary grateful. Now go buy the book.

my 2 covers next to each other...still one to go....

here is my cover in Slovakian (thanks HC for sending these over), which comes out in a few days over seas. The craziest part of this is the book is 2/3's smaller than the American version. Its the size of a readers digest. So either its censored in Slovakia or their one word = 20 of our words.

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Boys Like Girls – behind the scenes of our latest shoot for AP

carrie schechter boys like girls

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing pop stars Boys Like Girls for the October Issue of Alternative Press Magazine. The shoot was hysterical, I had a lot of fun, and got an enormous amount of great shots. The guys were up for anything, so we were able to play around with different set ups. Meeting them its not hard to see that BLG loves their fans & they love what they do. They are extremely passionate about their music and their message, with a great vibe, and entertaining stories.

carrie schechter boys like girls

The Boys Like Girls crew is exactly who they are, no fake airs, no bullsh*t, which is always refreshing and it makes for an amazing shoot with total freedom. They’ve been touring for a few years straight and will continue to hit the road with the release of their new album Love Drunk.

Check out their myspace and new video with Ashley Tisdale .

Here’s what they said:

Martin: Carrie makes the smallest detail larger than life. I had a blast on the shoot, even though she kept asking to see more skin. :)

Bryan: Easiest, most fun we’ve had on a photoshoot.

John: Great vibes, Good Times.

Paul: Awesome time, great vibe. Flew-by, especially considering we’re running on little sleep. Get at me :) .



boys like girls carrie schechter

the last shot of the day shot by my asst. Lauren. l-r: Paul, Martin, Me, John, Bryan

boys like girls carrie schechter


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My Shoot With NOFX

I spent a quick evening with Punk Legends NOFX this winter for a private photo session. You can see the finals shots in this December’s Alternative Press Magazine’s Most Anticipated Albums Issue. (On news stands December 7th)

I was at their hotel for close to an hour as they prepared for the shoot, laughing at all the funny stories of their current tour and late night parties. Although I was warned of the fart machine, it did not make an appearance at the shoot, but the funny stories of bringing it for interviews to torture the tv hosts were priceless. 


Behind the scenes Polaroids from my shoot with NOFX

The actual shoot was 13  minutes long with 4 small set shifts (aka – moving around the room counter clockwise 4 times.) Quick and easy. These guys are super funny. They are punk royalty, not that they care about that – they just want to have fun and play music to their ever loyal, ever growing fanbase.

We digitally gave the walls a little upgrade in the final images, otherwise we kept it raw and untouched. FINAL SHOTS COMING SOON!


Carrie Schechter’s website here!!!

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