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New Cover. The Vampire Diaries. The Return:Midnight

The last book of my first trilogy for The Vampire Diaries, The Return – by L.J. Smith. I shot for the incredible HarperCollins Publishers, who I LOVE, they are all such a great group of people! This cover was art directed by the incredible and warm-hearted David Caplan, graphic design by the lovely and talented Jennifer Heuer, hair and makeup extraordinaire Roshar, one of my favorite team members. First asst Derrick C.

The shoot was lovely, I adored our model!! She became the character Caroline in the novel. What an amazing day we had on set, it’s an incredible series to be a part of. Congrats to all the success of the books and tv show and everyone involved, esp the fabulous L.J. Smith.

all 3 of my covers for the Return Trilogy


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New cover for Kelley Armstrong; The Reckoning

Here is the third cover for the YA Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong for HarperCollins Publishers. Titled: The Reckoning. It was wonderful getting to shoot the entire series of books and seeing the character through to the end. The covers have been picked up internationally and the book is on the NY Times Best Sellers List.

My trilogy for Kelley Armstrong and my first two covers (of 3) for the Vampire Diaries all out now

None of this would exist without the incredible Art Direction of David Caplan, brilliant graphic design by Joel Tippie, Makeup by Chris Milone, Hair by Chris Rithcey, Styling by Elodie, model Courtney Erickson, my asst Derrick. And most importantly a huge thank you and congratulations to the author that brought the character to life, New York Times Best Selling author Kelley Armstrong.

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