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Lola Astanova – Press Kit Shoot

lola astanova carrie schechter

I had the glorious opportunity to shoot he lovely, talented, & gorgeous Lola Astonova. We shot in 2 parts; part 1 has been released, part 2 is a mystery to the public for the next few months. She is an incredible pianist with a list of accomplishments that take some people a life time, this young phenom has just begun and is already conquering the world. When I was first approached by her great manager Misha, he sent me a bunch of youtube videos of her playing the piano, one comment struck me, a girl who was def said: I cannot hear music, but watching you I can feel it and it is beautiful.

Below is a cover of a Russian magazine with one of out images

See the finals on my website http://www.carrieschechterstudios.com/

Listen to Lola here

Hair and Makeup: Roshar

Styling: Absolute Images by Ope

lola astanova carrie schechter

lola astanova carrie schechterlola astanova carrie schechterlola astanova carrie schechter

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Behind the Scenes with BAYSIDE for the new cover for Hot Topic & AP Mag

As the snow melted all over the metro area, I had the pleasure of being asked by Editor Ted Barnes to shoot the new cover and feature story for AP Magazine and Hot Topic Clothing Stores. My cover for this months issue is the band Bayside.

They are a great group of guys to work with, they were punctial (a rarity in rock), professional, funny & were down for anything I threw at them which made the day amazing.

Bayside has a new much anticipated new album out called Killing Time, and fans are going wild. I wish these guys the best, the deserve nothing less.

Get the Limitied Edition Mini Mag at Hot Topics everywhere, and give a big hug to AP Mag who has included a CD, wrist band and poster with the mag. You can also see one of my Bayside photos in the normal edition of the current AP Magazine on newstands now.

Bayside is with Wind-up Records and their manager Catie is a total doll! Watch their little video below.

Behind the scenes shot by my first assistant Eric B.

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Top Covers for 2010

Well its been quite a crazy year, I’ve gotten to shoot some of the most beautiful & gold hearted people, and work for clients that keep those creative juices boiling.

I’ve been a bit slow at keeping up with all the incredible work I’ve done this year on the blog, there’s been so much shooting going on I haven’t gotten a chance to celebrate it all at the end of 2010 yet…but it will come soon. On Jan 3rd I shoot my first mag cover of the new year (best way to start off 2011) and I can’t stop feeling overwhelming gratefulness for everything and everyone that’s been a part of my life so far and excited for all the people I have yet to meet.

This post though is about my 2 covers for the Village Voice that made the TOP 10 2010 COVERS. My Jersey Shore, The Guido Ideal cover was voted #10 best Cover by the Village Voice by one of my favorite Art Director’s John Dixon. It’s his intelligence coupled with humor and out of the box thinking that keeps the Voice covers topping each issue after issue.

Voted #1 Voice cover was my cover of Debrahlee Lorenzana, the Citibank banker fired for being too sexy.

Thanks John & thank you Village Voice, it was the best cherry anyone could have put on my vegan ice cream sundae for 2010.

Also The Jersey Shore was voted 13th most popular story of 2010, & Debbie the Banker came in at #1!!!

Congrats to the writers that brought the story to light and to life, Elizabeth Dwoskin and Tony Philip!

Also on the NEW YORK TIMES most talked about stories, Debbie the Banker came in at #15!

I have an incredible team, its takes a community to produce a hot shot, so on these 2 covers special shout out to Margina Dennis, Angelique Vasquez, Jessica Zindren, Eric B., Mike M., & Ross T. I love you guys, you always rock my world!

Happy, healthy, wealthy, lucky, adventurous, exciting, dream living, personal world domination building, over the top creative New Year to you all. 2010 went out like a rock star and 2011 is already coming in guns blazin

There are very exciting things coming in the next few months, thanks for caring and sharing and enjoying my work. So excited to share it when I can (including another stint in front of the camera in Feb.)

Onward and upward in 2011!

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Page 6

Page 6 – Photo of me photographing the new DVD cover for the amazing Gaiam! My shoot for the new workout DVD from The Jersey Shore’s  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, was covered in the New York Post’s Page 6. Behind the scenes & DVD  release this December.

Check out my other shoot with Mike earlier this summer:  behind the scenes from our Village Voice shoot here and finals here.

carrie schechter

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Video Footage of Behind the Scenes For My Janelle Monae Cover Shoot

Honey TV shares the video footage from my shoot for their current cover Elle Matador – Janelle Monae

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Forever the Sickest Kids Cover Shoot


Here’s my cover for Alternative Press Magazine with Forever the Sickest Kids!!!

Check out the story and behind the scenes here.

All photos are on my site





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Recently I shot new music sensation Forever the Sickest Kids for their first cover with AP Magazine. We’ve kept this a big secret, along with a few other secrets coming up in the next few months….. Now that the issue’s release is only weeks away, and the cover shot has been released by AP’s myspace team, I can finally put up some behind the scenes fun with the boys.

(bottom row: kent, danee/groomer, marc. second row: austin, me, alisha/hair, dominiga/stylist. top row: caleb, kyle, jonathan)

FTSK consists of Jonathan, Kent, Marc, Kyle, Austin and Caleb. They are Texas natives, and probably one of the sweetest groups of guys you could meet. Their music is carefree pop rock n’roll with catchy rhythms and beats that you can’t help but dance and sing along with. Known for having the wildest and loudest crowds on this summers Warped Tour, there’s a reason, aside from their killer tunes, these guys have such a following….there hearts are pure gold! Plus they all have incredible senses of humor and kept us laughing all day, and is it any reason the girls pass out when they enter the room? These boys are gorgeous!!!! 

FTSK loves their fans with all their hearts, they are grateful for where they are, they are genuine & sweet with a wild edge. I totally love these guys and was amazed by their diligence to share the spotlight in the photos (although lets be real, Kyle is a lover of the limelight and being in front of the lens)

AP Magazine, one of the best magazines in the universe, listened to the fans on this one, and it was the enormous outcry of support that got FTSK the cover. 

The magazine comes out on October 7th. I have not seen which photos are appearing inside yet. More photos to come of FTSK in October.



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