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My shoot with Moving Mountains for AP Magazine

A bit ago I had the privilege to shoot Moving Mountains. A super talented band quickly on the rise to stardom. These guys are hysterical and the nicest people (with rock star edge of course). I absolutely loved them and am so excited for all the success coming their way. I worked with the incredible Christopher Benton at Alternative Press Magazine for this shoot. Love AP, love MM, love Chris! Thanks guys!

My official site here (with some additional photos from our day)

Check out their chunes here.   and of course the fabulous AP Mag here.




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Behind the Scenes with BAYSIDE for the new cover for Hot Topic & AP Mag

As the snow melted all over the metro area, I had the pleasure of being asked by Editor Ted Barnes to shoot the new cover and feature story for AP Magazine and Hot Topic Clothing Stores. My cover for this months issue is the band Bayside.

They are a great group of guys to work with, they were punctial (a rarity in rock), professional, funny & were down for anything I threw at them which made the day amazing.

Bayside has a new much anticipated new album out called Killing Time, and fans are going wild. I wish these guys the best, the deserve nothing less.

Get the Limitied Edition Mini Mag at Hot Topics everywhere, and give a big hug to AP Mag who has included a CD, wrist band and poster with the mag. You can also see one of my Bayside photos in the normal edition of the current AP Magazine on newstands now.

Bayside is with Wind-up Records and their manager Catie is a total doll! Watch their little video below.

Behind the scenes shot by my first assistant Eric B.

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Behind the Scenes with Belle and Sebastian

A few weeks ago I got the call from the SF Weekly about a opportunity for a cover shoot & feature spread for the beloved indie band from Glasgow, Belle & Sebastian.

I had the incredible art direction of Andrew Nilsen, a visual risk taker & creative genius, who had a plethora of strong concepts for the cover. Unable to fly to NY for the shoot he sent me Brit Cochran, stylist & makeup artist extraordinaire. Her attention to detail and smile turned the grey day into pure sunshine. By my side was Mike M. my fabulous 1st asst.

in blue Belle & Sebastian | brunette = me | blond = Brit

We had the band for 1 hour, they decided as the hour was almost up to be late to their sound check for their evening outdoor Williamsburg concert  and we got some extra time on the last setup (thank you B&S). The SF Weekly cover was especially meaningful to Stuart as he expresses in his SF interview, plus all of them were pumped on Andrew’s concept for the cover.

Due to the time crunch we had to pin them 2 by 2 into their ‘blue waves representing the San Francisco bay’. They had to stay pinned to together for a bit, so they shuffled around the studios with their partner, laughing and joking with each other, it was a riot to watch.  I completely loved them. It was an amazing shoot, my life is richer for it. Thanks Andrew, Brit, Mike and of course Belle & Sebastian!!

Check out the slide show of the behind the scenes here.

My portfolio here…

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Lights In Lost Skies…

carrie schechter lights in lost skies

A few months ago, Lights in Lost Skies came down from their mountain top in upstate NJ for a photo shoot for their new album and press kit. (thats right there’s more to the jerz than the shore) The band consists of  Ryan on vocals and guitar, Quentin on keyboards and vocals, and Derek on drums. Samantha, one of my favorite right hand ladies in my office and I had a blast.

Lights in Lost Skies are unbelievably sweet, funny and very helpful. Derek is about 15 feet tall, and he was super helpful as we were changing sets..who needs a ladder with these guys around. We laughed the whole day, they’re total pranksters and their wasn’t a dull moment. I completely loved these guys, they know what they want in life and are also open to anything you throw at them. They have a brightness to them and can really energize a room. I can’t wait for their future!!!

Also check out my cover shoot with Quentin for his solo project.

Go check out their music and hit them up, you won’t be disappointed.



me shooting a jumping series with the boys

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FTSK posters

Just wrapped up the image for the Forever the Sickest Kids posters for their tour this spring/summer/winter & some new web banners for them. Love the band, love the label, love it all.  They’ll be doing some shows with Tina Parol (whom I just shot), Tina also might be on the next AAR tour.(whom I also shot)

check out previous FTSK entries here:

behind the scenes FTSK/Carrie Schechter 1

behind the scenes FTSK/Carrie Schechter 2

check out my work here:  http://www.carrieschechterstudios.com/

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Cubic Zirconia Raises The Roof


Carrie, Tiombe, Todd, Nick and Myself at the end of the shoot

Carrie (Nick's Girl), Tiombe, Todd, Nick and Myself at the end of the shoot

Take one guitarist from Glassjaw with a vision for a band called Men, Women & Children…take the beat-making pizza delivery guy that used to deliver to the Glassjaw’s tour bus in St Louis – invite him to join the journey of Men, Women & Children..get wild, get famous…. now, add one sassy, vivacious, beautiful solo artist..mix in a smoke filled, dazey nightclub/sake bar on the lower east side.. and you get CUBIC ZIRCONIA.

Todd Weinstock, Nick Hook & Tiombe Lockheart.

Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia Carrie Schechter










Announcing their departure from M, W, & C last week, Nick and Todd go full throttle on the CZ project. Planning a HUGE release in Europe in a few weeks, this crew is experienced, talented and hungry to add something new into the music scene. Be prepared for an altered state of consciousness, and a gentle ride coming down from a night of siren pitched highs.

Tiombe is already equipped with a successful solo career, as Nick and Todd serve to be a hot commodity on the DJ scene here in NYC, around Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. Nick is also a member of SPORTS, a DJ collective I shot awhile back. 

Cubic Zirconia

The day was chilly, the vibe was positive, the beats were pump’n, Nick busted out his Louis Vuitton suits & shoes, Todd busted out his plaids and trenches, and Tiombe just busted out. 


Check out their myspace here.


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ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS….coming to the studio

ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS come to the studio this week to shoot a variety of material with me. I get the boys after finishing up opening up for 5 shows for  Bon Jovi, and getting ready for some of their own travels. We start the day shooting a feature for AP Magazine’s November Issue, followed by promotional, marketing, press, merch, etc. for Interscope Records and then adds for Olympus Recorders.

AP has a reputation for having the magic touch – every band they feature blows up into superhero status in no time. The ever popular AAR has graced not only AP’s covers but has been featured all over the map in every music mag you can think of. Some of their best known songs are  “Dirty Little Secret” and “Move Along.” These boys have a killer sound, and a new album is on its way very soon.

Interscope Records is a top notch record company, and I’m really excited to work with this incredible creative, marketing and A&R team. 

The Olympus shots will appear in Guitar Centers, international print ads and promotional material. The Olympus marketing peeps are really fun to work with.

Get ready for some amazing photos…coming soon


Check out AAR’s website here.


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