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My shoot with Moving Mountains for AP Magazine

A bit ago I had the privilege to shoot Moving Mountains. A super talented band quickly on the rise to stardom. These guys are hysterical and the nicest people (with rock star edge of course). I absolutely loved them and am so excited for all the success coming their way. I worked with the incredible Christopher Benton at Alternative Press Magazine for this shoot. Love AP, love MM, love Chris! Thanks guys!

My official site here (with some additional photos from our day)

Check out their chunes here.   and of course the fabulous AP Mag here.




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Behind the Scenes with BAYSIDE for the new cover for Hot Topic & AP Mag

As the snow melted all over the metro area, I had the pleasure of being asked by Editor Ted Barnes to shoot the new cover and feature story for AP Magazine and Hot Topic Clothing Stores. My cover for this months issue is the band Bayside.

They are a great group of guys to work with, they were punctial (a rarity in rock), professional, funny & were down for anything I threw at them which made the day amazing.

Bayside has a new much anticipated new album out called Killing Time, and fans are going wild. I wish these guys the best, the deserve nothing less.

Get the Limitied Edition Mini Mag at Hot Topics everywhere, and give a big hug to AP Mag who has included a CD, wrist band and poster with the mag. You can also see one of my Bayside photos in the normal edition of the current AP Magazine on newstands now.

Bayside is with Wind-up Records and their manager Catie is a total doll! Watch their little video below.

Behind the scenes shot by my first assistant Eric B.

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Cobra Starship in AP

Here are my shots for Cobra Starship in AP Magazine!!


See the rest of my shoot with Cobra Starship on my site here!

Check out the behind the scenes on my most recent shoot for Gabe Saporta and Glamour Kills NEW clothing collaboration  – OVERNIGHT SENSATION

cobra starship carrie schechtercobra_starship carrie schechtercobra starship carrie schechter


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Taking Back Sunday at the Studio

On a rainy Friday afternoon I had the pleasure of shooting rock band Taking Back Sunday. You can see the article and picture in the amazing Alternative Press Magazine’s Most Anticipated Albums of ’09 December Issue. ON NEWSSTANDS NOW!


taking back sunday carrie schechter


Everyone laughed on set so much my cheeks hurt. I could write a million books about what a great group of guys they are. They are funny, intelligent, witty, kind……. just keep inserting adjectives for days and you’ll get a taste of how amazing these guys are. Eddie, who you can tell is the life of every and any party, jumped about 6 feet in the air, crossed his legs and arms and became the flying Buddha. Newcomer to TBS, Fazzi, is the perfect match to the group, carefree, funny, no fear and no ego. I actually found out I went to high school with the brother of the ever sweet and wild TBS drummer Marc…small world.  Adam is a total dream and the camera loves him (as all the fans already know), and Matt R not only jumps high in the air and lands quieter than a  ninja, is hilarious and quite a dancer.


taking back sunday carrie schechter


We did one setup in the rain (my favorite of the bunch), with them all looking sexy and sensational, one setup is inspired by NYC per their request, and another is my take on Mr Potato Head meets graph paper. As an extra we did a family Sear’s style Portrait.

The new album, NEW AGAIN, is on its way, and they were so excited about the songs and about what they had created I can tell this will be one of the best new albums.






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My Shoot With NOFX

I spent a quick evening with Punk Legends NOFX this winter for a private photo session. You can see the finals shots in this December’s Alternative Press Magazine’s Most Anticipated Albums Issue. (On news stands December 7th)

I was at their hotel for close to an hour as they prepared for the shoot, laughing at all the funny stories of their current tour and late night parties. Although I was warned of the fart machine, it did not make an appearance at the shoot, but the funny stories of bringing it for interviews to torture the tv hosts were priceless. 


Behind the scenes Polaroids from my shoot with NOFX

The actual shoot was 13  minutes long with 4 small set shifts (aka – moving around the room counter clockwise 4 times.) Quick and easy. These guys are super funny. They are punk royalty, not that they care about that – they just want to have fun and play music to their ever loyal, ever growing fanbase.

We digitally gave the walls a little upgrade in the final images, otherwise we kept it raw and untouched. FINAL SHOTS COMING SOON!


Carrie Schechter’s website here!!!

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Carrie Schechter hangs with America’s Favorite Rejects

Check this mega-talented group in my photo shoot in this months issue of Alternative Press Magazine. The All-American Rejects have a new album coming out now, and their new release “Gives you Hell” is a another guaranteed #1 hit for these guys, and it’s well deserved. I love the song, and it’s completely stuck in my head already. Check out the behind the scenes filming for their new video at AAR’s website here. To find out all the goodness and all the excitement check out AP‘s new issue on stands Nov 7th. I’ll be posting our finished product soon!!

Check out my earlier entry from my last shoot with AAR for Interscope and Olympus here.

My website here.









right hand = chris, me as Mike, left hand = Nick and the freshly woken Tyson on a light check

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Forever the Sickest Kids Cover Shoot


Here’s my cover for Alternative Press Magazine with Forever the Sickest Kids!!!

Check out the story and behind the scenes here.

All photos are on my site





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