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NY Fashion Week – Merge

Me wearing an EngieStyle original design at the runway's white carpet

Been a quick minute since fashion week but I had to take a minute to blog about the Merge/ Dominique Auxilly fashion show I attended. Dominique is the designer of the red dress I wore when I hosted EngieStyle’s one year anniversary. Her dresses grace the top fashion mag’s and shine on the red carpet on celebs like Nicki Minaj, Angela Simmons, Brandy, Shontelle, etc.

Her new line is gorgeous, and so is Dominique. Thanks girl for putting me in your beautiful dresses and for the VIP treatment at the runway. Also a big shout out to Engie Hassan, stylist/designer extraordinaire!

The show was put on by Merge and Beautiful Planning, there were many designers and lots of gorgeous clothes I can’t wait to wear! For some reason I can’t find the runway photos….but there are some exciting shoots coming up featuring some of the beautiful clothes! Can’t wait!

Engie Hassan with Dominique posing for the press


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Fashion Party – Behind the Scenes

Getting my makeup done by Ruth

On 2.2.11 I hosted Engie Hassan’s, CEO of EngieStyle, web launch and 1 year anniversary celebration. It was a bit nerve-racking getting on a 4 foot wooden box in 6 inch Jimmy Choo’s to deliver my speech, but I made it. The celebration was a huge success with a room full of  heavy hitters in the fashion and celebrity industry.  We sat high above the city at the Hudson Terrace in their rooftop glass cabana. Engie did an amazing job as did her team, Iman, Sam, Emily, Steph, Ash and Steven. On my side I had the fabulous and lovely Megan Toscano, who is a major asset to anyones life. I’m super proud of Engie and everything she has accomplished and was honored to be a part of the celebration.

We had the joy of wearing Dominique Auxilly’s beautiful gowns. One of the most popular questions of the night was “Who are you wearing?” Her dresses are a smash hit whether its on the red carpet or covering the pages of fashion magazines.

The press photos & tv interviews are out and about (you can see one here), below are some point-n-shoot photos & a home-movie. Photographed/Filmed by Megan Toscano.

Makeup and Hair: Christopher Ritchey, Alicia Oliveri, Jessi Butterfield , Ruth Fernandez, Donald Francis

in the elevator at the Hudson Terrace


step & repeat

gettin my hair did

Jessica, Daryana, Me, Engie

tv interview

Niia (one of my fav singers and clients) and myself

me being interviewed on tv again and Engie waiting for her interview

Group Photo & GQ photo: by Natsuko Matsumura | Above: Engie during the run through

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A celebration. 2.2.11

Tomorrow night I am hosting a fashion presentation by EngieStyle’s president and founder, Engie Hassan. I love to celebrate, can’t wait.


Press Release:


ManhattanNew YorkUnited States of America( January 20, 2011 —

Photographer Carrie Schechter to Host EngieStyle One Year Anniversary Celebration

Fashion presentation highlighting a year of high-end, high-fashion styling.

(New York, NY, January 18, 2011) – International fashion stylist Engie Hassan is thrilled to be celebrating the one-year anniversary of EngieStyle. Since January 2010, Engie has styled celebrity and royal clientele in original designs, preparing them for red carpet appearances, magazine photo-shoots, and book covers. Famed photographer Carrie Schechter will host the styling presentation. The remarkable Ms. Schechter specializes in fashion, music and celebrity photography, has won countless international photography awards, and was newly honored for her Top Covers of 2010. The private affair will bring a star-studded mix of press, celebrities, fashion and entertainment industry elite, including editors from eminent publications, prominent fashion designers and bloggers, top models, photographers and New York City socialites.

fashion styling presentation showcased by Vogue Alumn, Engie Hassan, will take place for exclusive guests with an introduction from EngieStyle’s, Director of Public Relations, Iman Hussein. The show will provide guests with a unique glimpse into Engie’s fashion genius, and highlight her extensive and remarkable talent in both designing and styling. There will be approximately 200-300 people in attendance, joined together to celebrate this special occasion; plus the Launch of DJ Jay Mcelfresh, resident DJ at Bergdorf Goodman and one the hottest club DJs in the city will be spinning hits all night long for guests to enjoy themselves and party.

Date: February 2nd, 2011
Time: 7:30pm – 10pm
Location: Hudson Terrace, 641 West 46th St New York, NY 10036
EngieStyle :
Carrie Schechter :

About Carrie Schechter:

Carrie Schechter is a fashion, music and celebrity photographer living in New York City. Carrieʼs work appears in magazines, ad campaigns, book and album covers. She has had numerous international gallery shows and won numerous international awards for her imagery and her technically outstanding use of light, mood and texture. Her work is described as haunting, beautiful and hyper-realistic. Her free-spirited nature rubs off on her talent and her clients and she has a special way of getting people to let go of their inhibitions to create very conceptual work that has a strong impact on the viewer. Constantly pushing boundaries and experimenting with her imagery, her work is provocative with a style that is her own.Some of her clients and subjects include: Columbia Records, Interscope Records, AP Magazine, Billboard, Magazine, HarperCollins Publishers, MTVʼs The Jersey Shore, Ludacris, Janelle Monae, All-American Rejects, Cobra Starship, Alexis Dziena and many others.

About EngieStyle:

EngieStyle is the premier luxury styling brand recognized for its merchandise, leadership, and superior customer service. The company specializes in fashion styling, personal shopping, creative directing and brand imaging. EngieStyle is catered to women and men from all different countries, cultures, religions and customs. With a modern energy and great flair, the company is dedicated to offer fashion leadership and outstanding service to clients through sheer commitment by providing them with a highly personalized and unique experience. “Our clients express themselves through their clothing, and we ensure they are always elegant, chic and timeless. We are constantly striving to provide clients the finest fashion and quality products in an exceptional environment.”
Engie Hassan


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Top Covers for 2010

Well its been quite a crazy year, I’ve gotten to shoot some of the most beautiful & gold hearted people, and work for clients that keep those creative juices boiling.

I’ve been a bit slow at keeping up with all the incredible work I’ve done this year on the blog, there’s been so much shooting going on I haven’t gotten a chance to celebrate it all at the end of 2010 yet…but it will come soon. On Jan 3rd I shoot my first mag cover of the new year (best way to start off 2011) and I can’t stop feeling overwhelming gratefulness for everything and everyone that’s been a part of my life so far and excited for all the people I have yet to meet.

This post though is about my 2 covers for the Village Voice that made the TOP 10 2010 COVERS. My Jersey Shore, The Guido Ideal cover was voted #10 best Cover by the Village Voice by one of my favorite Art Director’s John Dixon. It’s his intelligence coupled with humor and out of the box thinking that keeps the Voice covers topping each issue after issue.

Voted #1 Voice cover was my cover of Debrahlee Lorenzana, the Citibank banker fired for being too sexy.

Thanks John & thank you Village Voice, it was the best cherry anyone could have put on my vegan ice cream sundae for 2010.

Also The Jersey Shore was voted 13th most popular story of 2010, & Debbie the Banker came in at #1!!!

Congrats to the writers that brought the story to light and to life, Elizabeth Dwoskin and Tony Philip!

Also on the NEW YORK TIMES most talked about stories, Debbie the Banker came in at #15!

I have an incredible team, its takes a community to produce a hot shot, so on these 2 covers special shout out to Margina Dennis, Angelique Vasquez, Jessica Zindren, Eric B., Mike M., & Ross T. I love you guys, you always rock my world!

Happy, healthy, wealthy, lucky, adventurous, exciting, dream living, personal world domination building, over the top creative New Year to you all. 2010 went out like a rock star and 2011 is already coming in guns blazin

There are very exciting things coming in the next few months, thanks for caring and sharing and enjoying my work. So excited to share it when I can (including another stint in front of the camera in Feb.)

Onward and upward in 2011!

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Meet Beth…she’s beautiful inside and out….I also got to work with one of my all time favorite MUA’s Chris. He is one of the best in the  world and I love him to pieces!

Hair and Makeup : Chris Milone

Photographer: Carrie Schechtermore images on my site

Model: Beth/ Agent: Fenton Moon

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In a Soap + a Nomination

I received a Nomination in the Fashion Category from the International Color Awards. The nominated image is from my series, “Cruel, Cruel Summer“(pictured below).

In random news ….

At a celebration one night, a friend in the daytime drama industry and I were joking about me being on tv. A month later the casting directors intern from As the World Turns called and I had the opportunity to be an extra.

I arrived at the studio & was showed to my private dressing room. After I got settled (and tried to calm down the mutant butterflies in my stomach) I took a walk to the green room for lunch and was overtaken by a warm & loving crew & cast that welcomed me right in.

in my dressing room before wardrobe

I hear the call over the speakers that its time for me to go to set. I get my final dusting, wardrobe check, the director gave me some quick direction, someone shouts….”quiet on set….aaaaand…action”. one take, no walk through, and that’s a rap.

on set

It was a blast, but I couldn’t wait to get back to the other side of the camera for a cover shoot the following day. See the clip below – if you blink you’ll miss me walking through the background.

**I highly recommend turning the volume off, I haven’t figured out how to remove the loud “hum” yet…sorry.

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Oh snap…and thread

After going to the Bauhaus exhibit some months back at the MOMA, I was even more inspired to go back to basics..light, line and shape.  I walked into Mood, and got excited by spools of thread and snaps…finals below.

Marina from Fenton Moon Agency.

Hair and Makeup: Roshar

My Official Site


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