Blog to tumblr…

Hello wordpress. The last few months have been really exciting. I’ve been shooting like a mad woman and going through a major rebranding thanks to all the hard work put in by an incredible team of industry bigwigs. My portfolio went through an overhaul with my consultant (a surprisingly painless process), I love my repeating and new clients and am excited to show off the new work that is slowly trickling out for the last few months, my website is brand spanking new and blogging has switched over to tumblr from wordpress. This blog will stay live but will not be updated as much.

Check out the new tumblr:

Also doing a soft-launch of my new site:

Still working a few kinks out, but I’m glad to be working with such amazing people and have a brand new world for Carrie Schechter Studios. Onward and upward!

Thanks for following me and my crew here on wordpress, look forward to you joining the party @ tumblr.


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