BTS – The Situation Workout DVD

mike, zoe, marc, casey, mike, carrie, eric, cristine, cheryl, jonny photo by: ross

A few months ago I had the pleasure to shoot for the incredible Gaiam.  I  have loved Gaiam workout dvd’s since I can remember (esp power yoga with Rodney Yee) and I was super excited for the opportunity and the privilege to work for them. I had worked with Mike “the Situation” when I shot the Jersey Shore boys (minus Pauly D) for a cover for the incredible Village Voice in July (check the behind the scenes here), so I was ready to embark on adventure #2 with the Jersey Shore star.

This time we had Mike’s bff Jonny “The Unit” (who is also in his workout video – a teddybear with muscles), and Mike’s super sweet & charasmatic brother Marc “The Man” & his powerhouse of a manager Mike on set. I honestly can’t say enough nice things about this crew – they are workhorses who are  loyal and supportive of each other, it’s really wonderful to be around such a great group of guys. The MPS crew/ Sorrentino clan once again was professional, fun, and enjoyable to work with. There is a reason they have skyrocketed in their success…they deserve it – they treat the people around them like kings and queens.

a pushup contest with me and the sitch

We had fabulous art direction from Cristine Hammer (a visual mastermind) and Sue Haney from Gaiam (an incredible woman who over saw the entire shoot and was a pleasure to work with). Cheryl Janowski /stylist, Zoe Gensel/groomer, Eric B/ 1st asst, Ross P/ 2nd asst, kwc/prod, and me myself and I.

Wishin’ Gaiam, The Stich, The Man, The Unit and MPS another successful year in ’11.


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