Behind the Scenes with Belle and Sebastian

A few weeks ago I got the call from the SF Weekly about a opportunity for a cover shoot & feature spread for the beloved indie band from Glasgow, Belle & Sebastian.

I had the incredible art direction of Andrew Nilsen, a visual risk taker & creative genius, who had a plethora of strong concepts for the cover. Unable to fly to NY for the shoot he sent me Brit Cochran, stylist & makeup artist extraordinaire. Her attention to detail and smile turned the grey day into pure sunshine. By my side was Mike M. my fabulous 1st asst.

in blue Belle & Sebastian | brunette = me | blond = Brit

We had the band for 1 hour, they decided as the hour was almost up to be late to their sound check for their evening outdoor Williamsburg concert  and we got some extra time on the last setup (thank you B&S). The SF Weekly cover was especially meaningful to Stuart as he expresses in his SF interview, plus all of them were pumped on Andrew’s concept for the cover.

Due to the time crunch we had to pin them 2 by 2 into their ‘blue waves representing the San Francisco bay’. They had to stay pinned to together for a bit, so they shuffled around the studios with their partner, laughing and joking with each other, it was a riot to watch.  I completely loved them. It was an amazing shoot, my life is richer for it. Thanks Andrew, Brit, Mike and of course Belle & Sebastian!!

Check out the slide show of the behind the scenes here.

My portfolio here…

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