My cover for the Village Voice

Recently I had the pleasure of shooting the cover for the Village Voice. I am a native New Yorker and I grew up on the Voice, so I loved being asked to shoot the cover. I shot the lovely Debrahlee Lorenzana, “Is this woman too hot to work in a bank?” about her lawsuit with Citibank.

I had superior art direction from Art director John Dixon, who was absolutely amazing to work for.

The story has gone international and has been a hot topic since the paper was released. You can also see the photos on news channels, The View, papers from Madrid to London, 11 o’clock news programs, etc. Its been quiet a frenzy and luckily I have an incredible team of angels by my side. They are production team Monique and Casey of KWC Productions and I couldn’t be more grateful.

You can read the story live:

Photographer: Carrie Schechter | Art Direction: John Dixon | Make up and Hair: Margina Dennis | Production: | Location: Brooklyn | 1st Asst Eric B.

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2 responses to “My cover for the Village Voice

  1. Hi – I’m just a hobbiest – love taking pics and looking at them. I just loved this spread – saw it on fox news and had to follow it to your website. You are the bees knees! Love your style, it’s a style I’d love to shoot for! Consider yourself RSS’d! 😉

  2. oops – wrong link on my profile comment box. sorry

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