My Abano Terme Cosmetics Ad’s Are Out

Here is the ad’s I did for Abano Terme Cosmetics (you can also read their blog here) in Abano Terme, Italy. There’s even some of my product photography I did for the ad.  Due to the time of the day, the water was naturally green in color, but generally it is the beautiful blue color above, in Photoshop we matched the color to its usual tint, I prefer the green, I have those on my site. My amazing client, CEO Junio Lamannis, gave me the ok to put up which ever image I wanted to since we like them both. (thank you Junio!)

I love what these products do for the skin, our beautiful model Elena had been using (and still is) the products on her skin for months before the shoot, so this ad is a true testament to how incredibly healing and nourishing Abano Terme Cosmetics is.

The people who own & work for the company are unbelievably genuine, I felt like family while I was there, they kept me laughing, fed, and gave me a wonderful few days in a glorious spa right outside of Venice, Italy. I love them.

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