My Cover Shoot With Janelle Monae

Out now – my new cover and feature spread for Honey Magazine starring Elle Matador – Janelle Monae. It’s not often I get an email from a Photo Editor where the first two sentences include the words: Matador, Spain, bulls & Janelle Monae. I love it. Although unable to get a live or stuffed bull for set, we went digital for this shoot (and trust me I tried for the real bull.) The only thing that was not digital is Janelles electricity (and perfect skin, a retouchers dream) in front and behind the camera, she’s one special lady, we all had a blast that Friday in Spain/Brooklyn. Everyone on set was incredible, I couldnt have worked with a finer group of people.

There team behind the shoot: My clients; Honey Magazine, my producers; KWC Productions, Styling by; Darryl G. and Carmegie for Iyli Ili, Make up by; Oslyn Holder from Epiphany Artist Group, Inc., Hair by; Sacha Harford, Designed by; Michael DiGiacomo, My first assistant; Derrick Clark, Cara at Atlantic Records and all the other amazing people we met who were there to support the cause. And of course Ms Janelle Monae, a mega talent exploding on stages near you.Photos shot courtesy of Casey@KWC Productions.

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