Aponus Cosmetics Ad Campaign

When I was in Italy for my Capsule Collection at the Bauer (hosted by Ministerio Della Belleza) I had the pleasure to shoot for a wonderful line of skin care products for Aponus Cosmetics in Abano Terme. The products are AMAZING. I was given so many that my luggage was over weight I had to buy a suitcase at the airport to come back to America. It was so worth it because my skin has never looked so good. The water in Abano Terme has long been known for some pretty amazing healing qualities and after spending a few days in the spa (thank you Aponus Cosmetics) my skin was amazing.

The shoot itself was hysterical. I got to work with the gorgeous Estonian model Elena, who luckily could speak Russian, Italian, and English so we could communicate easily (and she could help me with my client.) Elena is a fire cracker, shes strong, bold and beautiful and I completely love her. We shot mid afternoon on a beautifully sunny Fall day in Italy, in the healing waters the region is known for. For a joke she had the client go out and get us bright-colored swimcaps. For the first time in history, I forgot a bathing suit, so the spa provided me with a super 80’s one piece that really smushed my body parts for this great behind the scenes below with my sharpie marker tattoo.


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  1. Cabriella

    The pictures are amazing. It must have been a wonderful experience to shoot such a beautiful model. I am pretty sure that Elena is Estonian though 🙂

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