Vampire Diaries Cover Shoot Book 2, The Return: Shadow Souls

Photographer: Carrie Schechter | Art Director: David Caplan | Designer: Jennifer Heuer | Model: Pi | Client: HarperCollins Publishers | Author L.J. Smith

The 2nd book cover I shot in the Vampire Diaries/The Return Series, hit shelves last week. I am very excited since the model that plays Damon is a friend of mine that I pulled in to the castings in hopes that the Art Director from HarperCollins, David Caplan, would cast him. David, being the genius that he is, was sold on Pi as well, and I booked him  a few days later.

I have just completed the 3rd and final book cover for the last of  The Return Series to be released either 2010 or 2011, and I believe it will be called “Vampire Diaries, The Return: Midnight.” I receive a lot of emails from the V.Diaries fan clubs and I love it all. Everyone wants to now who the 3rd cover is and my lips are sealed!!! I’m a superb secret keeper.  Judging form fans emails….I think it might end up being a little surprise who or what got the cover.

I love shooting these covers!! Getting to shoot the cover of a book series that has been around since I was little, has been a favorite of so many people, and now a high rated TV show on the WB is an honor and a privilege and I am extraordinary grateful. Now go buy the book.

my 2 covers next to each other...still one to go....

here is my cover in Slovakian (thanks HC for sending these over), which comes out in a few days over seas. The craziest part of this is the book is 2/3's smaller than the American version. Its the size of a readers digest. So either its censored in Slovakia or their one word = 20 of our words.

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One response to “Vampire Diaries Cover Shoot Book 2, The Return: Shadow Souls

  1. wow! the Slovakian cover is just fabulous! Ha!

    These shots came out so well! I hope to work with you soon! hope all is going great!

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