My Interview In PDN

A few weeks ago I was interviewed about an ad campaign I shot for Glamour Kills and Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship). Here it is in print. For me personally being in PDN as a photographer is like a singer/band getting written up in Rolling stone, so I’m pretty excited. The article is copy and pasted below.

PDN write up – LIVE

check out my work here.

Overnight Sensation Behind the Scenes

OS Finals

Cobra Starship photo session here.

As photographer Carrie Schechter likes to put it, it all started with a fashion war between front man Gabe Saporta of the band Cobra Starship and Mark Capicotto, founder and CEO of Glamour Kills Clothing. “I was sick of watching Glamour Kills jack my style and make a ton of money from it… says Saporta.” Glamour Kills clothing has a youthful, trend-setting style full of bright colors and a flying pig that has become a huge part of the rock scene. The public taunting was all part of a marketing campaign for their new fashion collaboration “Overnight Sensation.”

Schechter is an emerging fashion, music and celebrity photographer in New York City whose career has been skyrocketing. Aside from gracing magazines, books and album covers, she has won numerous international awards for her imagery and outstanding use of light, mood and texture. Her work is described as haunting, beautiful and hyper-realistic. Clients say aside from her quality of work, part of her buzz is she’s so easy to get a long with, has never-ending energy, a fresh viewpoint and can produce whatever they throw at her.

Schechter shot Saporta’s band, Cobra Starship, as magazine editorial to publicize their album “Hot Mess.” Everyone had a great time on the shoot, and the magazine hit the newsstands. Months later, Saporta contacted Schechter and asked if he could use some of the Cobra photos and bypass the usual label red tape. They worked it out and became friends in the process.

This past fall, Kyle Roeger, head of marketing for Glamour Kills, contacted Schechter from Saporta’s recommendation to shoot their new Overnight Sensation campaign. Knowing Saporta’s style, his favorite visual artists and aware of the current ads for GK, Schechter knew that this had to be shot differently from the rest of her work to match the branding of the line.

Schechter says, “sometimes clients hire you because they want everything about you and your style, sometimes it’s the environment you create on set behind the scenes and the confidence they have in you technically and emotionally to do something completely different. Mostly it’s both. I work 10 days a week and 90 hours a day, I’m very driven. Word of mouth has brought me a lot of clients and I’m grateful for all of it.”

Schechter collaborated with all the creatives involved, and they all wanted an outdoor shoot in Manhattan’s Soho district mid-day. But the night before the shoot, Saporta called Schechter and decided he wanted to change everything from location to models. He even tweeted to fans at 1 a.m. telling them about the shoot and that if they wanted to be in it to please email pictures. Schechter was still going through emails at 4 a.m. with Saporta, while the shoot was to start in just seven hours.When Schechter finally arrived on the set, she was informed the building shut off the water and there would be no bathrooms for at least five hours. No liquid lunch or any lunch on this shoot. Everyone just crossed their legs and put down their coffee, tea or Redbull.

Saporta was Art Director on the shoot and had a great sense of vision for the photos. Capicotto and Roeger always brought new ideas and added a dynamic energy to the day. The shoot ran until midnight, followed by a launch party for GK at Angels & Kings.

The “Overnight Sensation” images are now running in print and on the Web. Four shoots and six days later after the campaign, Schechter left for Venice, Italy for a solo exhibition and to photograph campaigns for some of her new Italian clients. Needless to say she was an “Overnight Sensation.”

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