New Interviews

I just finished my interview for  my upcoming PDN Photoserve Feature!!!

For me, a photographer being in PDN, is like a band getting the cover of Rolling Stone.

My whistle was wet when I had a cover headline on Digital Photo Pro my senior year in college in 2006/2007 with an 11 page feature article. (cover to the left – article is in my “Press”  category on my website.) That was my 2nd write-up in the magazine. Following that came a spotlight feature in (i looooove altpick) , Design Taxi, and the list goes on. (goto “Press” on my website)

My marketing teacher at school always said; Be Seen, Be Remembered and Be Bought. Words to tattoo on your forehead or your bum, whatever you spend more time looking at. Put yourself out there, take risks, get a thick skin, and most importantly don’t copy other peoples work. You have to constantly reinvent the wheel, If you stop I think you die.

I love you PDN! I love you Photoserve! In 2009-2010 you chose my image to use on your marketing material. The support you’ve given me this year has given my heart some new wings to fly into the beginning of what I feel is going to be a HUGE year.


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