There’s a NEW SECTION in my portfolio now available for my shameless self promotion. Under the music category check out the NEWPOLAROID 600’S” section with behind the scenes Polaroids and comments from the actors/musicians we love.

I just finished doing some major editing on my website and my portfolio, and I feel a hundred pounds lighter. You get so involved with your photos they become like body parts and sometimes the emotions you have connected with that shoot cloud your judgment of if it’s really a good image or not.

EDIT EDIT EDIT. Less is more and you’re only as strong as your weakest image. At a marketing conference Suzanne Sease and Amanda Sosa Stone said take your “hero” image and compare everything in your book to it. I go to my more famous shots, the girls at the piano from the Lovers Story, my unreleased new work, Scarlet Affair, Hades, etc. As each image is lines up next to my best work –  I hit the delete button or its a pass. Maybe I could toss a few more, some  already say I tossed their favorites, I did what I felt is right at the moment and I feel good.

Portfolios are shredded. New Portfolios are being printed as we speak. New (HOT) shoots are in and finalized (but not released) I feel like I just purged my soul in the sweat lodge. All my old marketing material that was left is gone and its on to bigger and better things. I’ve got some new people I’m working with and I have that feeling in my bones that something huge is coming.

**this is a repost from my tumblr account, my tumblr and my wordpress blog serve similar and different purposes, but for this post – I wanted it heard on both ends.


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