Lights In Lost Skies…

carrie schechter lights in lost skies

A few months ago, Lights in Lost Skies came down from their mountain top in upstate NJ for a photo shoot for their new album and press kit. (thats right there’s more to the jerz than the shore) The band consists of  Ryan on vocals and guitar, Quentin on keyboards and vocals, and Derek on drums. Samantha, one of my favorite right hand ladies in my office and I had a blast.

Lights in Lost Skies are unbelievably sweet, funny and very helpful. Derek is about 15 feet tall, and he was super helpful as we were changing sets..who needs a ladder with these guys around. We laughed the whole day, they’re total pranksters and their wasn’t a dull moment. I completely loved these guys, they know what they want in life and are also open to anything you throw at them. They have a brightness to them and can really energize a room. I can’t wait for their future!!!

Also check out my cover shoot with Quentin for his solo project.

Go check out their music and hit them up, you won’t be disappointed.

me shooting a jumping series with the boys


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