Cycle of Style. Behind the Scenes

carrie schechter bicycling magazine

Recently I photographed a fashion spread for Bicycling Magazine called the Cycle of Style. It’s a special fashion spread that they don’t do very often and I was extraordinarily excited to shoot for them. The shoot was on a beautiful day in NYC,  on set was photo editor extrodinair Stacey Emenecker, Mike Cushionbury was Art Directing, we cast 5 fabulous Ford models, Christopher Ritchey on hair, Deidre from RJ Bennit on Style and Ro on MU. My assistants were Derrick and Ross (Ross took the behind the scenes shots).

carrie schechter bicycling magazine

We shot all setups twice on two different backgrounds completely across the studio, we worked like cheetahs on 15 shots of espresso, it was amazing. It was a very creatively stimulating set, Mike was changing his game plan with the article as we were shooting, and to see him getting excited just got my creative juices all fired up. The clothes are so HOT! I don’t ride bikes much..I rode when I was 10, and when I tried to get back on one while living in Santa Barbara a few years ago..I actually forgot how. Isn’t there a saying about never forgetting how to ride a bike? Lies…all lies.

The models were gorgeous!! The vibe was upbeat and positive, the pictures came out great. Check out the December Issue of Bicycling Magazine on news stands now! Finals to come soon…

Official Site Here….

carrie schechter bicycling magazine

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