Left of center

My exhibition in Venice was amazing!! More to come soon. I’ll be soloing each of these assignments out over the blog – but heres the quick of it.

While in Italy I shot Aponus Cosmetics | Abamo Terme and Federicco Zecchin. It was incredible.

I just shot Lights in Lost Skies for their upcoming album, myspace and press package

It has been released so I can say it now. I shot (Cobra Starship’s) Gabe Saporta new line with Glamour Kills Clothing and its an OVERNIGHT SENSATION!!

My new EP cover with Tina Parol |  Bite My Tongue (Universal Motown Records) is out now – get it on itunes.

I shot Laura Bradford, Andrew Grant, and Tasha Alexander’s new headshots….(Tasha and Andrew were a few months ago, but I don’t remember if I blogged it) They are all authors and are at the top of their game!!

Got 2 new projects in the works (personal projects) I am extraordinarily excited about both of them.

More shoots this week and next week. I can say nothing about who, what, where and when – but trust me when I say they are going to be out of this world!!

My new fashion spread for Bicycling Magazine hits newsstands the beginning of November.

I just got a tumblr account…check it here: http://carrieschechter.tumblr.com/

…so much is happening, the industry is surging and its so exciting to be a part of everything!

my official site: http://www.carrieschechterstudios.com/

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