Film Noir….

Part 4 of the marathon shoot, here we have a few of the finals of Kara, Bri and Erin. Minimal retouching on these shots,  just some beautiful girls, some lights, an incredible mua, and a photographer. I play both rolls, I love to direct and I love to just let magic happen. When Bri walked on set and asked if she could cry, I was excited. I love moments like that, raw, uncensored and naked in front of the camera, it takes a lot of trust from the girls, especially when there 7 other models on set as well as assistants, the glam squad, etc., watching you as friends and competitors. I’ve never had any trouble having a model go back and forth from the light to the dark side. I chose all of theses girls because their portfolio showed me something very special, and they exceeded any expectations. Basic, Red, NY Models and Q Agencies are amazing – and Ceri, Boyanna, Kara, Bri, Victoria, Erin, and Valaria – you’re ridiculous! Makeup/Hair: the amazing Roshar


Behind the scenes

carrie schechter


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