Tina Parol

Here are some of my photographs from round one with Tina Parol from Universal Motown Records.

 I shot her new single cover (below) & you can see the rest of them everywhere including her new t-shirts and other merch. Round two of our shoot (not pictured here) was finished last night and passed to her label this morning, as soon as I have permission to show them and what they are for – I surely will.

Tina is amazing – her voice.. her spirit .. her everything. I am so excited to watch her career skyrocket to super stardom. Her song writing is inspirational and gets your booty shaking, her music is addictive as is her personality; she’s smart, she’s sexy, she’s down to earth, she’s fierce and shes going to be the next hot thing. 

Check out behind the scenes and more info about our shoot here.

Check out Tina’s myspace here.

Check me out here.

**I have stopped updating my website with new work since my new and amazing website is almost complete, and everything is sized differently (thank you Bo!!!) Can’t wait to show all the new work & launch the new site.

carrie schechter tina parolcarrie schechter tina paroltina parol carrie schechtercarrie schechter tina paroltina parol carrie schechtercarrie schechter tina parolcarrie schechter tina parol


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3 responses to “Tina Parol

  1. Carrie D.

    I love her soooo much. Her new song “Who’s got your money” is my favorite song at the moment. And, her new video is DEFINITELYY worth checking out! http://bit.ly/KGmrS

  2. carrie these are awesome! i can’t wait to check out your new site! hope you’re doing well!!

  3. lilymusiq

    Im really loving this “Whos got your money” song.. its so catchy and i love the music video. Tina Parol has a lot of other really great stuff too on myspace.com/tinaparol that i started really liking. i cant wait for her to get big

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