It is quite possible I will have a private show of my work in Moscow soon, I am so very excited. There are many details to come, the host of the event sent me this link from Russia (although the body is in Italian)

Check out my work here…..


– I have 2 new beauty/fashion stories getting ready to be shot

– my secret project is in the works

– I am scheduled for the cover & being one of the featured photographers of a hard cover magazine in Paris soon..details to come soon

The Awakening book cover by HarperCollins that I shot is out in stores in a few weeks

Tina Parol’s new single is out (I shot the single cover – finals coming soon)

– loving the warmth, flowers, blue skies..

– finishing the new Cubic Zirconia shots for the album 

– my new website is being worked on now by my favorite web designer Bo

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