Tina Parol & Universal Motown Records

Tina Parol Carrie Schechter

I had the opportunity to shoot one of the hottest new vocalists on the scene right now for her new single & publicity photos for Universal Motown Records. Tina Parol is young, fresh, fabulous, HOT,  and smart beyond her years. She has already written songs for Brittany Spears (new Circus album), Timbaland, Danga, done backing vocals on other radio cuts, and now she paves the way for her new fresh sound soon to take over the airwaves….did I mention she just turned 21 a few weeks ago? I absolutely love her, and I think her first album will go double platinum quickly. Her whole team is made up of some of the best people in the industry & I think if ‘perfect opportunity’ had a baby… it would be Tina.

If my brains thoughts looked like a sketch pad, there would be a  heart around the words Universal Motown Records – everyone that works with them that I’ve met is pretty much perfect. This time I got to work with the charismatic and sensational Tracy Zamot. There will be more to come as images get finalized and the shoot evolves, welcome to phase one.



Tina Parol Carrie Schechter


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3 responses to “Tina Parol & Universal Motown Records

  1. You’ve added video to your posts! – I love it!

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  3. lilymusiq

    I really liking her look. Shes gonna be really big, i know it!! Her song “Whos got your money” is soo good! she has alot of other great songs too on myspace.com/tinaparol that im really liking

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