Authors and Actresses

carrie schechter tasha alexander


I have had the pleasure of shooting new publicity photos for world renowned author, Tasha Alexander. If you are of the few that haven’t read her books yet, her book; Elizabeth: The Golden Age was a very popular movie last year starring Cate Blanchett. Tasha is an incredible person, she exudes positivity, optimism and happiness. We had a great time on set, she is absolutely gorgeous and a total natural in front of the lens. I’m really excited to have been chosen to shoot her. Finished shot coming soon!

Check out Tasha here:


I also just shot a new run of publicity photos for actress Ginger Kroll. You can see her in the Notorious B.I.G., soon to be released subHysteria &  Secrets. This blond bombshell has an amazing spirit, a great laugh, and is beyond beautiful. Final shots coming soon!

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  1. Carrie, the shoot was so much fun! You’re the best!!!!

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