Cubic Zirconia Raises The Roof


Carrie, Tiombe, Todd, Nick and Myself at the end of the shoot

Carrie (Nick's Girl), Tiombe, Todd, Nick and Myself at the end of the shoot

Take one guitarist from Glassjaw with a vision for a band called Men, Women & Children…take the beat-making pizza delivery guy that used to deliver to the Glassjaw’s tour bus in St Louis – invite him to join the journey of Men, Women & Children..get wild, get famous…. now, add one sassy, vivacious, beautiful solo artist..mix in a smoke filled, dazey nightclub/sake bar on the lower east side.. and you get CUBIC ZIRCONIA.

Todd Weinstock, Nick Hook & Tiombe Lockheart.

Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia Carrie Schechter










Announcing their departure from M, W, & C last week, Nick and Todd go full throttle on the CZ project. Planning a HUGE release in Europe in a few weeks, this crew is experienced, talented and hungry to add something new into the music scene. Be prepared for an altered state of consciousness, and a gentle ride coming down from a night of siren pitched highs.

Tiombe is already equipped with a successful solo career, as Nick and Todd serve to be a hot commodity on the DJ scene here in NYC, around Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. Nick is also a member of SPORTS, a DJ collective I shot awhile back. 

Cubic Zirconia

The day was chilly, the vibe was positive, the beats were pump’n, Nick busted out his Louis Vuitton suits & shoes, Todd busted out his plaids and trenches, and Tiombe just busted out. 


Check out their myspace here.


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  1. brennaingersol

    Holy Crap! I’m in love (rather, still in love) with all you day! (And you’re looking mighty beautiful yourself Carrie!)

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