Roll the Tanks roll into the studio

I received an e-mail from Roll The Tanks PR group – Mutiny – about the label needing some shots of them while there where visiting NY for this years CMJ. The record label, Intelligent Noise would be here for their show at the Knitting Factory and I was super excited see them live. Before I met the guys, I went and listened to their music & I LOVED it, my favorite song is Police Me – its just as amazing live as it is on the album.

These guys are hilarious. They are total pranksters, and while we were shooting one story stuck out in my head (I hope I repeat this right..) Roll The Tanks lives together in LA, and one of them went away for a few days, the guys got together (with some female help) and the sewed all their band mates clothes together…ALL of his clothes. I died laughing, I wish I was there to see him pick up his sweathshirt and have all the clothes on the floor and the closet come with it

roll the tanks

When I got to go see them live, I couldn’t even get close to the stage – it was wall to wall fans, and it was packed! RTT is already getting write ups in magazines, opening for amazing bands, and I give them a year or less before they will be on covers everywhere. There new album Suffer City is already receiving huge praise from the masses on itunes and on blog reviews.

I had such a great time with these guys! Final shots coming soon!

Roll the Tanks MYSPACE.

Carrie Schechter Studios 

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