All-American Rejects for Interscope Records and Olympus

A few months ago on a super hot day in Brooklyn, I had the pleasure of shooting the incredible rock pop sensation the All-American Rejects for Interscope Records and Olympus Audio. I have another shoot with them to be released in November for an editorial spread for the one and only AP Magazine. The people at Interscope Records are just amazing, they treat everyone around them like family, especially the band. There was a lot of love in the room, and nothing makes a shoot better than working for people you believe in. AAR is amazing, they were down for anything at any moment. It was a total dream.

You can find the pictures for Interscope circulating around magazines and other promotional material, and you can find the international Olympus ads everywhere their audio is sold and in most Guitar Centers. Olympus was also a true class act, they are extremely positive people that are super accommodating and care so much about the band and about Interscope, and everyone involved, I was beyond impressed with them as individuals and as a collective.

The day was wild with splitting shooting between the guys filming their commercial for Nike’s human race, not to mention 6 setups in studio and 2 more on location in a 6 hour period made this one heck of an adventure. I shoot extremely quickly to begin with, and I rarely stay on a setup for more than 15 minutes especially with this kind of a schedule. My assistants main job is maintaining the stop watch, and giving me 5 minute marks, until we get down to 3min-2min-next set change. Everyone on this team was amazing, especially the guys from Oklahoma, they are hysterical and total sweethearts. The quote of the day.. “That’s what she said.”


Check out more pictures here

Check out more on my blog about AAR here

AAR’s website


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