Leslie Bibb and the Obama Fundraiser

Some months ago I had the amazing opportunity to shoot top notch actress Leslie Bibb for an article about her role in the film Iron Man for AP Magazine. It was tons of fun, Leslie is incredibly full of life, and when she left, the entire team couldn’t stop gushing about her, someone exclaimed – “I think I just got drunk on a tall shot of Ms Bibb.”

On October 10th and 11th Leslie will be hosting the Barack Obama Fundraiser in Vegas, and make appearances in The California one as well. Her agents recommended my shots of Leslie for the invites and fliers. Of course I jumped at the chance.  

My photography is how I speak to the world. I am thrilled to be able to be apart of this for Obama, and I am thrilled that in some small way I fell like I have an extra voice in supporting something I believe in through Leslie. Thank you Leslie!

Check out the rest of the shots here: carrieschechterstudios.com



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2 responses to “Leslie Bibb and the Obama Fundraiser

  1. Stunning photos of a stunning actress, among the best photos of Lulu I’ve ever seen 🙂

    I took time to visit your site and look at your other work. It’s really great stuff, but I guess you don’t need strangers to tell you that.

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