Congratulation to MTV & Billboard Jams recording artist MYSELF for the huge record release party for his album “Protest in Disguise” I have done many photo sessions with MYSELF, the first at the infamous Chung King Recording Studios in NYC, where I have an open invitation to use the studios for photography at any time as a favor from Chung Kings. (thank you Chung King and Moose!!!) MYSELF is a New Orleans based hip hop/funkadelic sound signed to Caroline/EMI Records.

After MYSELF and most of his family survived Katrina in NO, he met director Oliver Stone who was filming a documentary and speaking to MYSELF’s mom, MYSELF stood up and just free styled his heart out, Oliver immediately impressed with the music and his soul, sent his DP and some crew to film MYSELF’s first music video, God is So Funky, in New Orleans as a gift. The video is  heart wrenching as he walks through his neighborhood after Katrina in NO while his sings his message. Since then MYSELF has been everywhere. With top Manager KC (who in the past managed Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Gwen Stafani, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.) and Giant Step his world wide tours and MTV coverage are growing every day.


Check him in upcoming film Order of Redemption with Busta Rhymes, where MYSELF plays himself, 🙂 ,  and has an appearance on the soundtrack. He is working on a new project where he will work with friends Mos Def, Talib Kweli and Tribe Called Quest.

MYSELF is an amazing person with the drive of champions, his beautiful girlfriend is top Japanese Jewelry designer Hitomi.  I shot her catalogue and promotional material for her line a little while ago as well. We’ve all become very tight friends, and I am so excited to watch him catapult into stardom.

Book: The Summoning

Congratulations Kelley Armstrong, David Caplan, Joel Tippie, HarperCollins, my entire glam squad, and Ms Courtney – our gorgeous model! The first book in the series has made the NY Times Best Sellers List within a few weeks of its release. There’s already a frenzy for Book Two, which we just finished shooting and retouching last week, and we will begin production and shooting Book 3 in a few months. 


Also check out the new eco-clothing line from Fu-Da International coming to stores soon. Their clothing is made from Bamboo and organic cotton. I shot the hang tags, packaging and promotions for them a little while ago, and the clothing looked extremely comfortable. Go Green!!!


Coming soon……Cover of Barcelona’s Medium Magazine and feature spread!!  

top secretness

Work has begun on my super duper top secret project. This is a personal project that started to run aorund my brain a few months ago, and I’ve been working it out with my marketing consultant, my graphic designers, my writers, and some of the groups that will be featured. It’s going to be one of my hardest challenges yet – which makes it all the more enjoyable and juicy. I’m hoping to have it released before the holiday season ’09, but I know the only plan is no plan. My clients always come first, so if not out my this holiday season it will be out by next.

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