ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS….coming to the studio

ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS come to the studio this week to shoot a variety of material with me. I get the boys after finishing up opening up for 5 shows for  Bon Jovi, and getting ready for some of their own travels. We start the day shooting a feature for AP Magazine’s November Issue, followed by promotional, marketing, press, merch, etc. for Interscope Records and then adds for Olympus Recorders.

AP has a reputation for having the magic touch – every band they feature blows up into superhero status in no time. The ever popular AAR has graced not only AP’s covers but has been featured all over the map in every music mag you can think of. Some of their best known songs are  “Dirty Little Secret” and “Move Along.” These boys have a killer sound, and a new album is on its way very soon.

Interscope Records is a top notch record company, and I’m really excited to work with this incredible creative, marketing and A&R team. 

The Olympus shots will appear in Guitar Centers, international print ads and promotional material. The Olympus marketing peeps are really fun to work with.

Get ready for some amazing photos…coming soon


Check out AAR’s website here.

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