END THE STARS…in the studio

If you haven’t already heard of End The Stars, you’re about to as they gear up for this summer’s Warped Tour.

I first me the boys at the Tea Lounge in Brooklyn a few months ago to have a sit down and discuss the upcoming shoot. A rarity and a pleasure, the guys catered their shoot themselves. Matt Chiarelli, bassist, brought me homemade vegan pasta salad the day of the shoot, and I fell in love with these boys even more. Over these last few months, they have become like family to me, and I’m really excited for their futures.

ETS‘s crew is made up of:

  • John Secolo – VOX, guitar
  • Matt Chiarelli – Bass
  • Anthony Natoli – Guitar
  • Nick Carbone – Drummer
I hand painted and created all the backgrounds for most of the shots. For one of their new songs, GODFISTS, during live performances, the lights go down on stage and the black lights come on, the special paint they’ve been wearing the whole show comes to life, and you hear people gasp everywhere – its sick – but the song is ridiculous and one of my personal favorites. That is how these last few images are shot.
Check out LIVE ETS here.
To see more photo’s go to carrieschechterstudios.com

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